How To Make Buttermilk Fried Chicken



Clean your chicken

Sit your chicken pieces in a big bowl. Add 2 tbs of Salt, 2 tbs of Apple Cider Vinegar, and cover chicken with water and allow the chicken to soak in the Salt/water/vinegar solution for 30 mins – 1 hr. Afterwards, rinse your chicken well

Seasoning the chicken

Season your chicken with 1 tsp Seasoning Salt, 1 tsp Adobo Season, 1/2 tsp Onion Powder, 1/2 tsp Black Pepper, 1 tsp Oregano Season, 1/2 tsp Cayenne Pepper, and 1/4 Paprika season


Marinate In Buttermilk

In a big bowl add 3 cups of buttermilk. Add 2 tbs of Parsley Flakes, 1 tbs of Minced Garlic, and 7-10 squirts of Hot sauce. Stir in well. Place seasoned chicken in the buttermilk and cover with a top. Let the chicken soak in the buttermilk mix for 8 to 12 hrs


Sit your buttermilk chicken on a plate and let the excess buttermilk drain off the chicken. Season 1 cup of flour with 1/2 tsp of seasoning salt and 1/2 tsp of onion powder. Coat the chicken with flour, shake off excess flour and allow the flour coated chicken to sit for 20 minutes

Deep Frying

Meanwhile, pre heat your oil. Place lots of oil in a big pot and place over medium heat. Allow heat to heat up for 5 minutes.

Add your flour coated chicken pieces to the hot oil and deep fry the buttermilk chicken until it floats to the top (It floating to the top indicates that it’s done) or for 15 minutes

Healthy meals your kids will love


Feeding children can be one of the most satisfying and stressful parts of parenting – and most of us have ended up with a fearsome mealtime stand off at some point. So to avoid the meltdowns we’ve cooked up some sneaky ideas for giving kids the foods they love, that are packed full of the nutrients they need, from breakfast to dessert.


Family time

There is always a temptation to pack the kids full of vegetables and homemade fare and then munch on some toast when they are tucked up in bed. After all who isn’t shattered once the day’s work is done? That’s why Caroline Hire has specially created these family meals that suit everyone from toddlers to teens, so you won’t be making an excess of different meals (or have an excess of washing up).

All the meals are freezable too, so make a couple in advance, or double up your portions, and you won’t have to reach for a naughty ready meal in times of crisis.

  • Easy lamb tagine
  • Easy beef stew with sweet potato topping
  • Chicken & vegetable casserole
  • Easy fish cakes


Make the best of breakfast

It goes without saying, but setting your child up for the day with a healthy breakfast will make you both feel good. Something filling and fibrous should get the digestive system going and keep kids full up until lunch. Try serving porridge with a side portion of blueberries or chopped banana for an extra health boost, and plenty of stirring fun.

  • Peanut butter & banana on toast
  • Melon & crunchy bran pots
  • Apple & sultana porridge

Perfect pasta

Pasta provides a good source of energy, fibre and B vitamins into a child’s diet. Plus there’s nothing like a bit of spaghetti slurping to get some hidden vegetables into the kids, and pasta makes a great base for sneaking in all sorts of ingredients, like tofu and spinach, that might not normally be on your child’s top 10 list.

  • Super-veg pasta
  • Tofu & spinach cannelloni
  • Creamy ham, leek & mushroom spaghetti
  • Pesto chicken kebabs with roasted veg pasta
  • fish

Fish for thought

If your child isn’t one of those perfect-sorts who love nothing more than a bowl of mackerel, then these recipes are great for filling them with healthy fresh fish, and they’ll still feel like they are tucking into a treat. From speedy homemade fish fingers to salmon and ginger fish cakes – you can even throw in some healthy sweet potato chips.

  • Salmon & ginger fishcakes
  • Fish fingers & mushy peas
  • Prawn & cod cakes
  • Classic chunky fish cakes

Super soup

Freshly made soups make a great freezer staple for quick lunchtime meals, try serving some of these classic favourites with cheesy toast soldiers, vegetable crudités and let them sprinkle on yoghurt and seeds to get them digging in double-quick.

This lentil soup is packed full of pulses and sweetened with grated apple and sweet potato, simply adjust the curry powder depending on your child’s tastes.

Sweet potato & lentil soup

A creamy yet silky tomato soup has to be the ultimate comfort food after a long day at school.

Creamy tomato soup

Perfect for sneaking in an abundance of courgettes, the cheesy topping on this soup is often a winner with kids.

Courgette, potato & cheddar soup


Curry in a hurry

Experimenting with different flavours is a brilliant part of developing your child’s tastes, and these healthy, mild dishes make a great starting point for introducing them to spicier food:

  • Mumbai potato wraps with minted yogurt relish
  • Creamy veggie korma
  • Mild chicken curry

 Fast food

Putting something speedy on the plate is often a priority with kids of any age, but fast food doesn’t have to mean food that is high in fat, salt and sugar. Simple ingredients like eggs, pulses and beans can quickly be transformed into a delicious and nutritious supper.


Omelette can make great finger food for younger children if you cut it into strips with scissors. And of course it can be whipped up in no time, using whatever fillings you have to hand in the fridge – here’s some inspiration:

Want more inspiration on cooking with children? Check out this.

May 30

How I discovered the best juicer to buy

My first experience buying the best juicer was a real nightmare. I knew I could easily order the best brand online from one of the most reputable electronic stores but choosing what brand to call best as per my own liking wasn’t really easy considering that I had never bought a juicer before. So I decided to ask for suggestions from friends and family which turned out infertile. After this unanticipated disappointment, I decided to delve into juicer reviews which ended up bringing some light on which juicers are best suited for my kind of need. If you are like many others who wonder why are juicer reviews important, I will let you know how and why.

juicer machine

Discovered the best juicer to buy

After reading juicer reviews, I discovered that all juicers don’t have the same speed,
versatility level, performance rating, and productivity. I knew exactly how to tell between a juicer with a good speed and one with the best speed. I likewise understood what different performance ratings in juicers mean. With this solid information on my fingertips, I was able to easily choose the best juicer that met all my speed requirements, performance expectations, and versatility requirements.

Juicer reviews outline the benefits and disadvantages of owning certain juicer brands. This gave me an idea of the benefits I expected to reap after buying each juicer brand and the disadvantages I was to cope with. With this, I ended up making a wiser decision on which juicer to buy based on how beneficial it would be to me and my family.

Juicer reviews likewise outline the expected on trading price of each juicer. Before I set out to buy a juicer I had a set budget which I vowed to stick to. So reading juicer reviews helped me keep my
promise. I just checked the price of several top brands of juicers and compared them before I decided to settle for one that was offered at a price that met my budget expectations.


Mar 26

My Search For The Best Juicer Brand Under $100

I kick started my diet the other week, I had been putting it off for a long time but I made the decision that I really needed to start getting fit and healthy, and to start eating a better diet. I think that once you hit 40, alarm bells start to ring and you know that you need to stop all of those bad habits.

Anyway part of the new me was to start eating more fruit and vegetables and I know that one way of doing so was by drinking fruit smoothies and green smoothies. I’d get all of my daily vitamins and minerals, but without having to eat lots of fruit and veg. The only problem was that I didn’t have a juicer and had no idea what brand to buy.

making juice

So my search began by looking on the Internet for the best buy juicer. This would be a great start to find out the tried and trusted brands that were value for money. My budget is fairly limited so I only looked for those brands that made juicers under $100, and I have to say that I was very surprised by the findings. Just because you have a low budget does not mean that you have to buy inferior brands. The 3 brands that I found, came highly recommended by industry professionals and consumers alike.

The first brand was by Breville. Although most of their juicers range between the $150 to $300 dollars mark, one juicer was highly recommended at just under $100, the Breville Compact Juice Fountain.

Another brand was Hamilton Beach who make several juicers all under $100. However one juicer was mentioned again and again. This was the Big Mouth Juice Extractor and at $44.99, this was very much s bargain!

The last top juicer brand I found was by Jack LaLanne, again who make juicers under $100. After a careful search I found the Power Juicer Express for $75. However this did not have removable dishwasher friendly parts, so this did put me off, as I use my dishwasher a lot!

All of these juicers looked good in their stainless steel exteriors as well as performing the same job of chopping and tearing fruit and veg in order to extract the juice.

So, as I am on a budget I decided to go for the Hamilton Beach juicer. The extra money I saved can go towards all of the fruit and veg that I need to buy. Check out more

If you are looking to buy a juicer, I would definitely read up on these 3 juicer brands, they are excellent value for money and do their job perfectly well.

Feb 11

The Top 2 Home Espresso Machines

Are you tired of walking to a coffee shop every morning in search of a toothsome cup of coffee? Do you want to enjoy rich, aromatic espresso at the comfort of your home? All you need is a quality espresso machine for your home kitchen. If you are out and about looking for an espresso machine for your ultra-modern kitchen, and you probably don’t know where to begin, worry no more. This article got you covered. below is the top two best home espresso machine reviews;

The De’Longhi Scultura Coffee Machine

espresso machine 1If all you are dreaming of is an espresso machine that will greet you every morning with its astounding beauty, your dream has come to pass. Made of a shiny metal casing, this machine is arguably one of the most beautiful in today’s market.

You probably want a machine that will bring ease of use along with it, right? This machine has a user-friendly interface that will ensure even your smallest kid can make a cup of espresso and enjoy it in your absence. Its flawless water flow will always enhance production of a perfect shot at your desired temperature. It features a tap that controls steam hence ensuring you produce the yummiest cappuccino in your neighborhood. What else could you be looking for in a home espresso machine?

The Philips Saeco Poemia manual espresso machine, 15 bar 

terrific espresso machinesAre you on a tight budget and all you need is a machine that you will forever engage with it at a personal level? This is the typical one for you. This machine is compact and neat, and will always allow you to produce a decent, aromatic, rich, and a little frothy espresso shot. It features an effective long wand which steams milk to produce delectable cappuccino that will always attract early morning visitors to your house. If you thought quality espresso must be expensive, then you have not tried this remarkable home espresso machine.

The machines above are the best if all you want is durability, astounding aesthetic quality, and reliability. With them, your morning brew will always be something to look forward to. Why not grab one for yourself as soon as now?

Jan 11

Why I No Longer Need Starbucks In My Life

Having an espresso in the morning can change your day. I however discovered that my home-made espresso was not as tasty and rejuvenating as what the guys at Starbucks serve me. And as such, I have become addicted to their shop. I sought to find out what they add to their coffee to make it that great. I found out that they do not add any special ingredient. The secret lies in their carefully selected espresso brewers that dexterously mix up all the ingredients, exert enough pressure and warm up the water to desired temperatures.

espresso shots

My knack for perfection led me to do espresso machine reviews and I came up with this list of the top four Nespresso machines.

Inissia Espresso Maker

It is a small, compact coffee brewer that does its magic in less than a minute. With a pressure of upto 19, it delivers high quality barista coffee. Its water tank can hold up to 9 cups of water. Its disadvantage is its pod—at times, it does not come in the right position and gets easily crushed.

Pixie Espresso Maker

With a small footprint, the nespresso pixie expresso maker is ideal for small apartment dweller since it will occupy a small space. Also delivering a 19 pressure bar, it makes high quality coffee. To save energy, the brewer turns itself off after nine minutes of inactivity. The problem with this brewer is that it does not have a large water reservoir; you have to keep filling it up.

VertuoLine Coffee Brewer

For people who like their coffee white, then this is the brewer for them since it comes with an Aeroccino milk frother. Its ability to give white coffee made me add its to my nespresso machine reviews. It uses a centrifuge force to carefully mix your coffee with the milk producing a tasty and well blend crema. Its downside is that it does not produce steaming hot coffee.

De’Longhi EN550BK1 Lattissima Espresso Maker

It has six pre-programmed buttons which when touched will quickly brew you the coffee you want be it an espresso, macchiato, cappuccino or latte. It also comes with a milk carafe so that you can mix your coffee with milk if you want it white. With a Thermo-block heating technology, it works fast and efficiently. Its demerit is that it can only produce one coffee cup at a time.

Aug 12

Is Your Cookware the Best for You?

How do you consider the best cookware to cook with? Is it the one with the most expensive cost? Or, is it from any of those reputable manufacturers? High priced cookware is always in high quality, so it is worth choosing. Yet, reputable manufacturers will never risk their reputation, so they will emphasize on sophisticated features, high quality materials and excellent designs. But, your choice of cookware depends on how you need it for your daily basis. You can choose the most expensive cooking set that ensures its best quality, when you really have to utilize each of the cookware properly.

For me, a mum without any special ability in cooking, I only need a 5-piece cookware set, containing skillet (my favorite item for cooking the simplest recipe: omelette), lidded sauce pan, and lidded sauté pan (the one that I rarely use). They’re already very costly to me, as I bought them with discounted prices for approximately $350. Each piece is already very classy, sturdy and perfectly polished.

If you are a mother, who has an ‘intermediate’ level in cooking, then you might need the 10-piece or 12-piece cookware set. Colorful cookware sets are worth your attention, because you will see that your neighbors will envy you. Many reputable brands offer colored cookware like yellow, red, or even orange.


Well, 15-piece cookware set is best for you, if you’re an advanced cook, or a newly catering service owner. If you decide to use the cookware set for your catering service, then you are required to buy the best selling one. This is to ensure that your service in the first weeks don’t disappoint your clients. Well-known cookware set manufacturers are always exclusive on designs, materials, and finishing. They do not guarantee excellent cooking result, but they assure that there is no discoloration for a long-term usage. Of course, users can count on the cool handles for convenient cooking.

Mar 07

It’s Time to Try Espresso If You Haven’t

espresso makerIf you have never tried espresso in your life, the time has come to do just that. I had some good experience with this type of coffee.

And I can say that it is probably my favorite. Usually when I want a really good one, I go to the nearest coffee shop.


How I Used To Get Satiated

I would say that this is the best coffee shop in my neighborhood. My neighbors agree, so in the mornings there are a lot of people there. In my coffee shop they make espresso with the best espresso machines. However I don’t have one of those at home. So sometimes when it’s raining outside, or I’m just not in the mood, I try to make an espresso at home. It doesn’t usually turn out to be as good as the one they make in the coffee shop. However sometimes I actually manage to create something drinkable. Actually I hope that someday I will save up enough money to open my own coffee shop. Or at least buy a moka pot to make life easier.

The Coffee Machine I Used To Own

Right now I have a regular coffee machine, which does the job more or less OK. But the most important thing about the espresso is of course the coffee it is made from. The worst idea you can come up with is buy coffee which is already ground. If the coffee is ground somewhere else, it means it lost half of it’s taste, because of being kept this way for some time. You never really know how much time it spent on the store shelf. So go and buy some coffee beans from the specialty store. This is the best place to buy them. Regular supermarket doesn’t do the job, IMHO. Once the coffee is chosen, make sure your coffee machine is clean and do the grinding and let the machine to the rest of the job.

Update : 07.03.2017

It’s been some time since I’ve gotten accustomed to Espresso machines so here is the updated list of espresso machines that I’d recommend to anyone who’s interested!

My Top 3 Espresso Machines

Everything these days depends upon reviews, ratings and performance, from evaluating students in school to rating Electronic appliances. The world is dependent on those numbers which are regarded as Ratings. The same goes for Espresso Machine ratings, which certainly depend upon the performance of the machine on different factors which are going to be used to evaluate the machine.

After Evaluating more than hundreds of Coffee machines, we have come up with the top three Espresso Machines.

1. Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine – 9/10

This machine can be used for both home and commercial purposes. It takes time to master as it is fully manual, but the time spent is worth the effort. This machine is fairly durable and works perfectly according to the requirement. This machine produces excellent frothed milk. This machine can hold a huge quantity of water in the water reservoir which is 72oz. This machine is equipped with two stainless steel filter baskets which makes the operation a whole lot easier.

2. Jura Impressa F8 Espresso Maker – 8.5

This machine is more on the costlier side, but due to the premium grade coffee it produces, this machine deserves to sit on this spot. The machine has special features like the foam technology, rotary switch and a large color screen. The foam technology is perfect for the coffee lovers who like milk foam resting on top of their Espresso shot. With such diverse features, this machine produces exceptional results.

3. Delonghi Pump Espresso Machine – 8

Being equipped with independent thermostats, this machine allows the user to regulate water and steam pressure separately. This machine is affordable and comes under $100. As this machine has a huge reservoir which makes it possible for the user to serve up to 10 shots without going in for a refill.

These machines are truly a champion and you should buy the one which fulfills your criteria.



Feb 23

The best rice cookers to buy at friendly prices

Investing in the best rice cookers can make your life simple and comfortable. Choosing the best rice cookers to buy is all you need to do to stop facing inconveniences when cooking your rice like your rice overcooking or burning if you do not add enough water or forget to check regularly. The electric rice cooker is the best to buy at a friendly price and get the value of your money. It is capable of eliminating fuss out of the of the cooking rice, and it makes your work much easier as all you need to do is to switch it on, set it to cook and leave. These rice cooker shuts off itself after the rice is fluffy and perfectly cooked.
rice bowl
What are the features of the best rice cookers to buy?

The rice cooker should be able to cook and keep it warm when set. It should be a one touch operational, a non-stick removable bowl and should have a lid.

It should also be able to sense fluctuations automatically and adjust appropriately the cooking time and temperature. This will ensure they deliver precise results and give you the best that you deserve.

The best rice cookers to buy should be able to redistribute heat for delicious and exact results when cooking.

According to your preferences, you can use the best rice cookers to buy may have a digital control panel that makes it easy to control.

What is the capacity to choose?

The capacity of the rice cooker to buy is also of great significance. Rice cookers come in various sizes and shapes, and you can choose the best one that will make you comfortable depending on the size and the use. The size you choose for the rice cookers depends on the amount of rice for your family.

The best rice cookers should also be easy to clean and remain suitable and comfortable to use. It should also be affordable and able to fit in your budget.

Depending on your needs, you can choose the computerized rice cookers that offer settings to cook different types of rice.

Jan 29

Upgrading My Kitchen with Nonstick Cookware

For a long time now, I have kept my family happy with the meals I provide for them. Since am a housewife, I have all the ample time to prepare dinner early and in the right way, just to keep those smiles in the faces of my kids and husband alive. However, they do not understand the rough time I could go through in the kitchen to make the meals as tasty, as they need. My cookware need to be changed!
nonstick pan
I have experienced…

I have tried several types of cookware; for example, the stainless steel are great, however they forced me to start cooking as early as possible because they heat up very slowly, and they are heavier for the daily cooking. I decided to go for Tri-ply as directed by my friend. This also had one major disadvantage; at most, food could stick. After doing research, I discovered that Hard-anodized had the qualities of the nonstick cookware, so I went for this type, yet I was disappointed to discover that this type does not really qualify the quality of a nonstick cookware.

I did research…

After doing a good inquiry and researches from friends, they advised me to go check top nonstick cookware reviews of the year. Well, where else could I have gone if not making use of the internet? Luckily, I had the internet and my personal computer, so finding time to search the internet was very easy. I did so only to discover that there are several best nonstick cookware sets such as the Anolon Advanced 11-piece set and Rachael Ray 10-piece set.

The Anolon Advanced set consists of 2 covered saucepans, a covered stockpot, 2 open skillets, a covered saute pan and a grill pan. The Rachael Ray set is a much cheaper one consisting of 2 covered saucepans, a covered stockpot, a covered saute pan and 2 skillets. I decided to go for the Anolon nonstick set because it has a grill pan and it does seem to be much more solid.

I discovered that this type of cookware is not prone to stick and it heats up faster. This is all I wanted, so as to continue pleasing my family with delicious meals. Even though it took me several years of trial and experimenting, I can now smile and have my food ready at my convenient time.